Tryon’s areas of expertise and capabilities cover a broad range of land surveying services and products. We pride ourselves in the ability to take on any project, and successfully complete it. Our personnel are equipped and willing to work in remote locations and busy urban settings.

We follow the highest professional standards to ensure that our work is correct. Our clients can be assured that a commissioned Land Surveyor is overseeing their projects and providing the security they need on their investment. Our Land Surveyors are members of the Association of BC Land Surveyors, the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors, and the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association


Tryon is able to simplify the complexity of balancing regulations, cultural considerations, environment & community sustainability. We will work with you through all the stages of both private and Crown land developments. Our experienced team can provide a full range of planning and resource management services. We have access to a wide range of industry contacts, including specialist consultants, local authorities, and other statutory agencies. The following are some of the services that we commonly provide during the planning process of a project.

  • Preparation of current base maps with land features, topography and existing and proposed tenures over an area
  • Reviewing the potential for development of land
  • Liaison with approving agency staff / professionals
  • Preparation, design and submission of land use applications
  • Drafting of preliminary & proposed plans
  • Application referral mapping
  • Emergency response plans
  • Environmental planning